360 Photobooth

360 Photobooth

Welcome! You have found the most unique awesome hire item we offer!

Capture every angle of the beauty and fun of your event with a 360 Photo Booth! Carolyn’s Sweets are ready to provide you with a new and very unique offering that your guests will not have used before.

Step up onto the platform and get ready to do your best “Shimmy” or Slick dance move while the rotating camera tracks you on a 360 view and allows us to capture awesome fun videos of your guests.

360 Photo Booth


Let’s take a deep dive and while we’re at it, I’ll share 5 reasons why you need a 360° photo booth for your next event. 

The 360° Photo Booth – is an experience designed to capture 360° high-resolution videos. Event guests step on a platform where a high-end camera attached to a revolving mechanical arm rotates at high speeds 360 degrees around your guests. While rotating, it uses programmatic movements and captures videos of up to 120 frames per second which Carolyn’s Sweets cloud-based platform processes instantly using proprietary AI technologies.

Just like our other photo booth experiences, the 360 Photo Booth can capture multiple people at the same time. Depending on size,  our 360 Degree Booth can fit 4-5 people comfortably and can hold nearly 500 lbs of weight. This is pretty good considering the epic content you can create using the 360 photo booth.


Now, this goes without saying, all of our photo booths are fun and easy to use. Some of our booths are so easy, that they don’t even require a team member to be on site. Although the 360 photobooth is quite different from the rest of our photo booths, we’ll have our team set it up for you. Our highly trained, professional attendants are just as outgoing and fun as they are skilled. What to expect:


Our team will arrive with ample time to set up and test your 360 experience before the agreed-upon start time. In most cases, this setup requires approximately 1 hour.


We will ensure things run smoothly while encouraging guests to enjoy the booth.


Our team will break down all of the gear and load out of your venue immediately following your event. This process usually takes less than one hour. 

360 Photo Booth


We don’t say this out of bias, We love all of our photo booths equally. However, We can’t help but smile watching the expression on our guests from the moment they step into the platform to the moment they receive their videos and share them on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter! The amount of joy and excitement it brings is palpable.

If you are a corporate client then the 360 Photo Booth’s sharable video content is sure to catch your ’ followers’ eyes on the web as well. If you are looking for a fun, engaging, and unique social media activation for your next event, look no further than the 360 Video Booth!

And Finally!

In just 60 seconds, your guests step into the 360 photo booth and create and share their videos, such an impact is made and positively impacts their full event experience. For an extra bump of awesomeness, add our live event slideshows so guests can keep on enjoying their creations displayed live on cinema displays at your event. 

No matter what type of event you are planning to have, you’re always going to want to have something that gives your guests something fun and exciting to do.

Remember, it’s not just for the sake of having fun, it’s also about creating that special moment and experience that creates a lifelong bond with your brand through a sharable and unique memory.

We promise You will not be disappointed in this awesome piece of entertainment.

360 Photo Booth

What packages are on offer for my event?

  • 2 Hour Hire
  • Unlimited Uses
  • Personalised Photo & Video Template
  • Uniformed Staff Member
  • Digital Download Of All Videos
  • 4 Hour Hire
  • Unlimited Uses
  • Personalised Photo & Video Template
  • Uniformed Staff Member
  • Digital Download Of All Videos

* Travel costs may apply

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