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Fairylight Cake Table

How about adding a bit of sparkle to your wedding day with our Fairylight Cake Table Skirt? No, I don’t mean the engagement ring and sparkly shoes. I’m talking about adding a bit of Fairylight and shine to your wedding venue. In a simple form of beautiful lighting. Traditionally in Ireland, there has been a tendency to leave the reception decor to the venue, with the exception of place cards, favours and flowers so why not add our beautiful Fairtylight Cake Table?

Besides the bridal party, the spotlight at every wedding is the cake. Too many people forgot to enhance this important part of the wedding day with stylish decor. By placing our beautiful Fairy Cake Table and fairy lights around your cake you will be sure to make a stand out feature of it.

We are encouraging brides (grooms) to take charge of their decor and work with us to create the beautiful, individual wedding reception you deserve!

If you’re a little scared of being too ambitious with your decor then one very simple but beautifully effective thing you can do is add our Fairylight Cake Table.

Good lighting creates a good atmosphere. It’s a rule. And at a wedding, pretty, sparkly, fairy lights add a fun, light-hearted and magical element, to really lift the whole look of a room or venue. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and if you’re clear on the kind of things you want, we are here to help you make your day twinkle with our beautiful Fairylight Cake Table your venue should have no problem working with us to make it happen.

We also offer beautiful decor add ons to this item, How about our Fairylight Backdrop or our Fairylight Top Table Skirt? Or add on a beautiful Sparkle Led Light Dance Floor.

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