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Our Candy Floss Hire is a great addition to any event and really brings out the big kid in everybody.  Also known as Cotton Candy which is mainly found at carnivals and fairgrounds throughout the world.

Everybody loves Cotton Candy as at brings back memories of an adults childhood and of course if it is there own children then that just makes the adults smile.

We supply a high quality Candy Floss machine and you can choose been 9 different flavours and we are always adding more.

Pink Vanilla – Orange – Red Cherry – Pina Colada – Blue Raspberry – Banana – Yellow Lemon – Green Apple – Lime

We always supply a fully trained uniformed staff member with our Candy Floss machine as is is a dangerous machine when in the wrong hands. Therefore we would never just Hire the Candy Floss Machine on its own. The machine has a large plastic bubble with access only for our staff member at the rear. This means that everyone can watch the magic happen from the front of the machine. Carolyn’s Sweets also always supplies plenty of sticks and sugar for each event to ensure everyone gets to taste the perfect floss flavour.

How is Candy Floss made?

It is made by heating and liquefying sugar, spinning it so fast as it goes through tiny holes in the machine and finally allowing the sugar to rapidly cool and re-solidify into fine strands, which then gets collected on Paper cones or wooden sticks.

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