Popcorn Machine


Carolyn’s Sweets Popcorn Machine Hire is well renowned in the events industry for tasting amazing and better then any Cinema popcorn you have tasted.

We offer 3 main flavours which are Butter – Salted or Sweet. 

Guests young and old always come back for more of our Fresh Popcorn. Your guests will be attracted to the smell as soon as they arrive into the event. They will head straight over to get some popcorn guaranteed.

All our prices include a fully trained uniformed staff member to ensure safe use of the machine.

Our Popcorn machines have a spotlight to ensure your guests see the Popcorn popping in front of there eyes along with a base warmer to ensure the Popcorn is warm for all your guests during your event.

The Popcorn machine goes really well with our Chocolate Fountain Hire as a combination for any event. 

Did you also know that we do Candy Floss, Slush Puppies & Donut Walls?


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Popcorn Bar

The newest trend is the Popcorn Bar or Table. We setup your event with our Vintage style buckets filled with 6 different flavours of popcorn for your guests to try.

We also include some tubs of toppings like Malteasers and Chocolate Buttons to use as toppings. Alongside this is different salts and shakers to add to the plain popcorn choice. 

We will generally be there on site with our Popcorn Machine and making this all on site for a 2 hour period. 

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