Wedding Postbox

If you are getting married then our lockable wedding postbox is a must-have for your big day. Why do you ask?

Let your best man relax and have one less job to do on the day.

We place the Wedding Postbox in your drinks reception area. This then gives your guests the option to put there cards safely into the locked postbox. Then only you can retrieve them with the supplied key.

Lets face it! Your guests just want to hand over the card as soon as they arrive as they have value in them as a gift.

The cost to hire one of our postboxes is €60, which is far less then what will be inside one card if it goes missing on the day. At the moment we only allow collection on our postboxes if you choose to only book a postbox. We are 10 mins past swords and allow collection Mon-Weds prior to your wedding and then must be returned on the following Monday.

We will have no problem delivering the postbox to your venue once multiple items are booked.

Often we are asked lots of times if it is Cheeky and a bit rude to have a Postbox at your drinks reception?

Absolutely not. Because, For the reasons we stated above, Your guests do not even consider it being cheeky or rude. In fact, they appreciate you having it.

When you are ready to book multiple items with us. Make sure to contact us via email or phone so we can work out the best price for you. It is always worth the price of a phone call to discuss your options in more detail.

Get in touch with us now for more details on our Wedding Post Box.

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