Tayto Crisp Sandwich

Tayto or King Crisp Sandwich

Our Tayto & King crisp sandwiches are very popular for weddings and corporate events.

The packs contain a bag of Tayto or King, 2 Slices of bread, 2 butters and a knife all neatly packed into a see through lid container with your custom label on the lid.

We pride ourselves on presenting these packs well so your guests will be amazed. 

Our sleek packaging Containers, Stickers & Cutlery are made from CORN so are compostable and go into the brown bin after use.

This reduces one use plastic which is very important to us.

As a general rule of thumb if you want these Tayto Crisp Sandwich Packs for the residence bar you need to order for 60% of your guests attending.

Delivery will generally happen on the day off your event unless you want to organise for the day prior. We will work around your requirements.

As we are based in Dublin we generally do not deliver these packs outside a 100 mile radius unless a good quantity are booked in order for us to travel.

Prices start at €3 per pack plus delivery.

Did you know our Tayto Crisp Sandwich Packs have been used by Mrs.Brown’s Boy’s TV show to help create a Taste From Ireland experience?


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