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We are the leading suppliers in Ireland when it comes to Ferrero Rocher Hire displays. 

Carolyn’s Sweets are the inventors and creators of the world renowned Ferrero Rocher Heart. We are the first to bring in the rotating base which allows our stands to do a full 360 turn.

We have a few different versions of the Ferrero Rocher Heart and Pyramids to suit any taste and budget.

Do you want your names hanging from the inside of a Brown or White Heart or do you prefer the classic Ferrero Rocher Pyramid?

If you choose the Ferrero Rocher Heart you have many options to suit your budget. 

The minimum amount of Ferrero we would place on the heart would be 240 which would fill the front of the stand. 

You then have an option of 360 which half fills the front and back which enables you to use the rotating base. 

Then full to the brim it can hold 480 Ferrero Rocher to really stand out from the crowd.

The above is for the larger most popular Ferrero Rocher hearts. We do have other hearts which hold less.

When it comes to the Ferrero Rocher Pyramid we have two different types for you to choose from.

A smaller round Ferrero Rocher Pyramid holds a max of 240 Ferrero. 

The larger triangle Ferrero Rocher Pyramid holds 480 Ferrero anything less and it just does not look right. 

We can personalise each display. Hanging heart with names, Coloured sash, Rose petals, lighting and more.

Remember we are the leaders in these displays and really make sure they look superb for your event. 

Contact us about the Ferrero Rocher Hire and we can look after your needs.


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